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Mining Stocks - Latest News

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Updated: K2 Gold Corp.
K2 Gold (formerly West Melville Metals) has 3 properties in the Yukon. Their main focus is the Wels project, a 10,000 acre early exploration gold project. In 2017 they had some success after drilling 28 meters of 2.37 g/t gold. However, they were not...  more
Updated: Kingsgate Consolidated Ltd.
Kingsgate Consolidated had a 4 million oz gold mine (Chatree) in Thailand with $750 per oz cash costs. It was shut-down due to environmental issues in 2016. They are currently suing the Thai government for reparations. The stock price crashed 98% ($8.  more
Updated: Calibre Mining Corp.
Calibre Mining is a new mid-tier producer. They have done a very good job acquiring properties in Nicaragua. They acquired two producing mines (El Limon and La Libertad). Between them, they will produce about 140,000 oz in 2020, with all-in costs around $  more
Updated: Gatling Exploration Inc
Gatling Exploration is a new company that was a spin-out by Bonterra Resources in 2018. They have one property (Larder Lake) that is likely a mine. I'm not sure why Bonterra did the spin-out now that they are planning to be a producer. What was wrong...  more
Updated: NQ Minerals
NQ Minerals is a new company. They have tailings project in Australia that just began production. They are currently trying to get listed on the London stock exchange (scheduled for Q1 2019). Currently I don't have access to their financial records. I...  more
Updated: Orsu Metals Corp
Orsu Metals is trying to advance a gold project in Russia (Siberia). It is next to a large open pit mine and appears to be another mine. It is still early exploration, but they released an initial resource estimate in 2019 at 1 million oz (1.5 gpt). This...  more
Updated: Playfair Mining Ltd
Playfair Mining has a high grade gold discovery (Ox Mountain) in Ireland. They have an option to obtain 100% by funding exploration. It is still early exploration, but they optimistically think it could be similar to the Dalradian Resources discovery. It...  more
Updated: Luminex Resources Corp
Luminex Resources is a new exploration company focused in Ecuador. They were a spin-out from Luminex Gold in 2018. They have a large gold project (Condor) that has 4 million oz, but it is low grade (.6 gpt). They will likely sell Condor at some point. It...  more
Updated: Barrick Gold Corp
Barrick Gold is a monster company with 142 million ounces of gold and projections to increase production steadily from 5.4 million ounces to 7 million (excluding copper, which is projected to reach 1 billion lbs) over the next 4 years. They will spend...  more
Updated: Comstock Mining Inc
Comstock Mining was a small gold producer in Nevada. They halted production in 2016 because of high costs. Since then their share price has crashed and they have also done two reverse splits, which further hurt shareholders. Comstock is another in a long...  more

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