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News from March 2012

What no one is paying attention to is global oil exports. They peaked in 2005 and have been falling ever since. Why? Because countries that export oil have been using more internally. And because crude oil production has been flatlined at around 74mbd since 2005. Sure, we can try to transition to natural gas. But oil is denser in energy and the transition will be bumpy to say the least. In five years, all of the big trucks and fleets (UPS, Fedx, US Mail, etc.) will be using natgas in the US....  more
Added: Lake Victoria Gold
Tembo Gold is a bran new company, which just began drilling a known area with high grade surface mineralization. There are 6 operating mines in the area, including a 20 million oz deposit next door. How big is Tembo? I think conservatively they have at...  more
Added: Lupaka Gold Corp
Lupaka has a lot of potential. They already have enough gold for a long life mine (PEA due in 2013). Plus, they have 10 additional targets on their property to drill. Long term this looks like a potential 10 bagger. Lupaka is highly undervalued with a $74  more

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