Investment Bias

I want to clarify how I do my ratings and the focus of my valuations. My investment bias is on future cash flow at $2500 gold and $100 silver. For this reason, I put very little emphasis on the short-term. My ratings are future based (3-5 years). Moreover, if I am wrong about gold reaching $2500 in the next 3-5 years, then my ratings likely will fall short. Thus, by using a future bias I am introducing a high level of risk.

The Top 25 are the best risk/reward stocks at $2500 gold and $100 silver. The Top Picks include stocks that I consider 5+ baggers at $2500 gold and $100 silver, have 3 ratings or higher, and do not have any significant red flags. Significant red flags would include high debt, low cash, financing issues, location issues, growth issues, legal issues, timeline issues, management issues, etc.

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