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Mining Stocks - Latest News

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Added: Rockcliff Metals Corp
Added: Gran Colombia Gold Corp
3rd release out for Kindle on Amazon and Nook on Barnes and Noble.
The Third Release is now out for the Kindle on Amazon and Nook on Barnes and Noble. The print version will be out in May or June. This release has 40 more pages and is 270 pages long. It includes 350 companies in the stock lists (although the stock lists are not included in the digital versions). The digital version is only $4.99. This is an excellent book for those interested in precious metals investing, especially for mining stocks. Click here for details  more
This page evolved after I published my book How to Invest in Gold & Silver. When I was working on the 2nd Release I had an idea to create a database of information about gold and silver mining stocks. I analyzed nearly every gold and silver mining stock with a market cap over $30 million that trades in North America. Then I used my knowledge to create a future valuation for each stock. The purpose was to identify undervalued stocks. I gave each stock a rating from 1 to 5 with increments of .  more
Added: Abcourt Mines Inc.
Financial Sense News Hour with Jim Puplava
Don Durret interviewed by Jim Puplava on the Financial Sense News Hour: FSN In Depth: Don Durrett, How to Invest in Gold & Silver  more

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