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Member Testimonials

"In business, those armed with the best information make the best decisions. GoldSilverData offers a lot of very valuable data for $0.25 a day." - Bob Moriarty (321 Gold)

"I can't describe how useful your website is. It's just amazing the amount of USEFUL info you give on EVERY company.

The site is eons above any others. I hadn't realized how much I liked Minco and Silvercorp until I read your piece on them today. They fit MY desires completely. Thank you for your great work.

BRAVO. TRULY." - James Braha

"Thanks for sending me that site. I joined it for $99 a year and it is really a neat site as it let's you then plug in numbers to calculated values in the future (POG, reserves, grade etc etc) They have data on over 500 junior mining companies and give recommendations. fyi... I used their default data (reserves to 15 mil and $2500 POG ect) to get the projected market cap for BGM in 3-5 years and the number was actually very close to Ian Gordons $4 bil. They now rate BGM as a potential 5 bagger short term, and also have them on their list of best gold companies to buy now. btw....they also have ANV in their top 25, BGM is not in top 25 but in their best which included 83 of their 500+ companies they report on. Maybe the best $99 a venture investor can spend."

"I'm really impressed with the site. As an investor who has decided to specialize on the smaller explorers, this is just what I've been looking for. I'm your biggest fan." - JB

"The best and most informative Website about Gold and silver mines." - Gerhard Kastle

" is a must for anybody investing or speculating in Gold and Silver stocks. With the Search & Compare tool you can create a list of stocks that comply with your personal criteria. You can simply say; I want to buy a gold producer with at least 5M ounces M&I, cash position of min. 15M, max debt of 10M, cash flow and a maximum market cap of 50M. After creating such a list you read the analysis on the website and start your own DD. All this and more you get for a yearly rate that is lower than most monthly rates in this sector!" - Luc ten Have

"Gold stock investors understand that the highest returns come from the smaller up and coming explorers and producers, but finding in-depth analysis of these smaller companies is difficult. Goldsilverdata is a godsend." - JB

"Don Durrett's site is unique. First of all you will find all sorts of company from micro-cap to majors. I have visited many sites, most of them have no idea how to analyze companies. Don has this amazing skill to integrate some knowledge about geology of deposit, fundamentals and technicals at the same time. But the most importantly Don is impartial. Most of the experts out there will recommend stocks because they get paid by the company to do so...." - Alex Thomas

"Fortunes can be made investing in the junior gold and silver miners. This is the time to buy low, so we sell high later. With thousands of companies to choose from; which are the best? Don Durrett has sifted through them. He has analyzed over 500 for your convenience. He will teach you the methods you can use to value them for yourself. The "Gold and Silver Data" website is my favorite place to "get the skinny" on the companies I hear about on the web. It helps me with my due diligence and I need the help." - Dave Dunak

" is plain and simple - "Just the facts Ma'am" website. no fluff/no ads that distract. Just everything you need to make informed decision on investing- all companies have a personalized description by Don Durrett- and if you want to number crunch, there are values for that too. His commonsense approach made me a true fan and this is an extension of his thought process. His website effort save tons of time trying to do this by hand - trust me, I have tried doing this before finding this website albeit a smaller scale and it still was very time consuming. Good Job Don on providing an important resource for private Gold/Silver investors." - Keith Espiritu

"The tools on save incredible amounts of work and allow to easily select among the best mining stocks for investment. Even resource moguls like Rick Rule and Doug Casey concede that the mining industry looses probably 20% a year, so it is critically important to be very selective in the companies you invest in. I must've read 50-100 books on investing, including several on resources investment. I have to say that Don's book presents probably the best fundamental approach to valuing stocks I came across, which gives much more confidence in his rankings compared to other mining stock picking services." - Jonathan Garneau

"Oftentimes investors are torn between conflicting reports and recommendations of smaller companies, that are difficult to resolve. Goldsilverdata gives you all the data necessary to resolve these conflicts on your own." - JB

"If you're bullish on gold, then you should try to find the gold and silver mining companies that offer the best risk to reward since mining companies can move at multiples the price of the precious metal. This website is a useful resource in finding undervalued mining companies, while avoiding the ones that are overvalued or don't offer good risk/reward. Also, get updated perspectives from veteran mining investor and analyst Don Durett in his monthly newsletter." - James

"Goldsilverdata is the perfect tool for the do-it-yourself PM investor, not content to simply accept stock recommendations from newsletters, articles, etc. without actually seeing the data. Goldsilverdata provides all the information you need to make investments with confidence." - JB

"If you're looking for value within the resource sector this is where to start. There is lots of information and updates are given frequently. No other resource that I am aware of covers as many mining companies with relative ratings. I am a goldbug and a speculator, and it was nice to find a service that shares my outlook." - Drago

"Despite the fact that most gold and silver mining stocks have been rather cheap for quite a while, as a non-professional investor I was always rather reluctant to invest because it was very difficult to find accurate and complete information on these kind of stocks. Most financial newspapers and investor magazines do not get any further than the classic major mining companies (and even on the majors you often get only poor information). I finally found what I was looking for on

This site provides an overview on every different type of gold/silver miners: from majors, mid-sized and small producers down to mines still under development and early stage exploration companies. The list of companies on the site alone is an invaluable source of information (very hard to find elsewhere for non-professionals). For more than 500 miners, Don Durrett provides excellent overviews focusing on the actual situation of the company: stock chart, links to various financial websites, financial situation (debt, available cash), gold/silver reserves, amount of production (or planned production date), mining costs etc. It is quite amazing that all this information is actually free. Most investor sites would not give you this amount of information without subscription. Furthermore, Don also provides an introduction on how to value gold/silver miners (also for free) and indicates which important parameters you should focus on. This is very interesting material if you are not familiar with gold/silver mining stocks. I think it is an extremely useful introduction if you want to invest in gold/silver miners (By the way, I can also recommend the excellent book he wrote "How to invest in gold and silver").

When subscribing to the site, you get access to some more interesting tools: a monthly newsletter, a risk profile for each company, a calculation of future cash flow and stock valuation, a portfolio tool, and finally a comparison/search tool which allows you to find stocks based on criteria such as gold reserves, market capitalisation, cash/debt position, relative risk, current and future production, future valuation and % expected growth at given gold/silver prices. The price you have to pay to get full access to all this information is only $99, which I think is quite cheap, certainly in comparison with the amount of information you get. I use as my primary guidance for gold and silver mining stocks. It has helped me a lot in analysing and comparing various stocks and in finally making my choice which stocks to invest in. Of course, as for every investment, you have to do your own homework and to define your risk profile; investing in junior companies that currently do not have any cash flow is never without risk. But the site contains excellent information which, combined with information from other (financial) sites and the sites of the companies themselves, provides you a more complete and up-to-date overview. I would not claim that with a subscription to this website you are similarly informed as insiders, but I think it is about the closest you can get as a non-professional investor. In conclusion, I can seriously recommend to anyone interested in investing in gold/silver miners." - Koen Brusselmans

"Goldsilverdata is designed for the investor seeking big returns, not the 5-6% returns of larger established companies. If life-changing, transformational returns are what you'er after, you've come to the right place." - JB

"GoldSilverData is the most comprehensive and most simple to understand commentary anywhere on the planet regarding gold and silver.

I have been a subscriber for less than a year and, in that time, I understand more about the companies covered than I have a five years of near worthless newsletters that provide minimal coverage to the companies followed.

I could not trade and invest in gold and silver companies without GoldSilverData now. It is simply the very best source for information, especially valuation that one can find anywhere." - Thomas M. Chester

"Excellent service. Very well documented. I recommand it." - Delpuech

"It is almost a year since I subscribed to your service. The level of analysis and information you provide is astounding and without parallel compared to any other Gold/Silver stock service (and over the last few years I have subscribed to quite a few).

As a committed Gold/Silver investor with significant stock holdings in Australia/Canada/USA I along with all precious metals investors have taken a real "hammering" (my broker polite as he is I'm sure thinks I have "lost the plot" investing in this market when almost all other sectors have had such a great run).

I so strongly believe (like you and a few brave others) that when it turns the PM market will provide returns my broker can only dream about. For this reason I continue to average down but not before fully using the full range of information/data/rankings provided by

I particularly look forward to your monthly analysis and eagerly await your December report which hopefully will arrive early January.

Thank you for the service you provide - it is incredible value for the subscription cost and I will be renewing well before my February renewal date." - Jack Darcy

"Love your site, hooked me up with so many great stocks, thank you!" - Chauck

"I am a member since a few days and have to congratulate you for your service, which is very helpful for mining investors and very resonably priced." - Lorenz

"Don-Good job all those people who make this site so creative and valuable. This is the real nuts and bolts of PM investing, thanks so much." - Curt

"Amazing website and service. Thank you so much!!!" - Shon

"As always: you do Excellent Work :-)" - Val

"I really like your page and it have made my life a lot easier and is good bang for buck for sure!" - Sami

"Your website and insight are among the very best and most valuable out there in my opinion." - Joe

"Just want to say how great I'm finding your website and book, it's been a great start to my investing education for mining stocks especially." - Callum

"I think your newsletter/entire service is terrific and a screaming value!" - Phillip

"Thanks again for your great website. Thanks to you I'm making more money than I ever have." - John

"So impressed with your work and logical approach to investing" - John G

"Thanks so much for your site. I've never made so much money in my life as I am following your ratings and the information you provide." - John B

"I'm a seasoned precious metals investor and have subscribed to numerous analysis sites. Yours is useful even to longtime goldbugs. How's about boosting you subscription fee to keep out the riff raff sos I don't have to battle with them on the "bid" haha." - David R

"Completely blown away by amount of information and analysis you provide." - James C

"I just renewed again. Thank you for your superb web site. I can't imagine investing in mining stocks without it. I use it every day, many times a day." - Kingstone

"Love your site. Great information, incredible value" - Bob P

"Don, I've bought newsletters for 35 years. Your website is genius. True genius. Simple and understandable and accurate. I was gobsmacked when I saw your accurate analysis of companies I had owned. The other newsletters would spend four pages hyping a co and giving 10,000 needless words for one stock!" - James

"Don Durrett and his service provide a wonderful information rich site, that provides: comprehensive data of companies, performance ratings, recommendations and top picks, newsletter, latest podcast interviews, etc. By having access to this site, one can quickly access information concerning any precious metals stock, which is invaluable. For the price of this service, I personally am willing to pay much more. It will be hard to find better site. Don Durrett is sincere and truly does his utmost and care for his clients, a BLESSING to me. Thank You!" - Anthony

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