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Thailand out of gold?

April 6th

Thailand runs out of gold! Could this be another domino falling after Cyprus? Last month it was a bank in the Netherlands (ABN Amro) that stopped delivering gold to their customers.

Hi Doc,

I live in Thailand and 100% invested in PM.

Today when I walked by a Gold-shop here in Bangkok, there was a long queue outside.

Since I’m curious and also have seen how the cartel has smashed down the Gold the last 2 days I walked in and asked what’s happening…and not 1 ounce is possible to buy. To buy Bullion you must order and wait (at least) 5 days…and you can only order 2.5 ounce per person.

I saw later long queue outside many Gold-shops…and the info I got was that there is not 1 ounce of Gold-bullion to buy in the whole Bangkok. (possibly the whole Thailand)

The Gold is going down in price like everyone is selling…while there is no Phyzz to buy at all in the whole Thailand.

The cartels naked-shorting is hilariously obvious now.

Frankly…I’m shocked. Thailand is a huge Gold community…so no one has ever heard of gold being sold out here before.

I just thought this would be of some interest for you.


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