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Two New Features

We've launched two new features to make things easier and quicker for you.

Quick Stock Lookup

Near the top right, you'll find a box with the word "stock lookup" inside. Click in this, type a few letters of a company name or a stock symbol and it will shortlist them for you. If you select one (using keys or mouse) it will take you directly to that company's page. Much quicker than having to go via the A-Z company list!

Note: it works with 2 characters or more.

Data Highlighting

On the company profiles pages, you'll notice some data points are highlighted.

With so much data, it can be hard to find the data point you're looking for. These highlights are designed to assist your eyes to find the most important things.

We've set up some defaults that we think are useful, but you can customize them yourself very easily! Clicking them will simply toggle them on and off and back to on. And these choices will persist.

If you're logged in, they will be saved with your account so you'll always have them. If you're a guest, we store them in a cookie, so they will survive 60 days from your last visit.

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