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New Improvements to the Website.

We rolled out some changes to the website today.

The main changes you will not see and are for non-members. The free accounts have limited features, but enough functionality to get an idea of what the site offers to members. The forum is still limited to members only.

The biggest change for members is in the forum. You can now bookmark posts and boards. This will allow you to save posts as a bookmark.

Another change to the forum is the ability to configure which boards appear. You now have a Forum Defaults option in the Control Panel (before this was called Your Account). You can also download a free digital version of my book from the Control Panel.

In Search & Compare, there are two new columns: Mkt Cap (Common Shares x Current Share Price) and Insider Ownership. You can now search by Insider Ownership or have it displayed in the search results.

Perhaps the best change is that I can add new stocks and symbols again. I will be adding 75 stocks that are on my list over the next 4-6 weeks.

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