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Rose colored glasses optimism seems to be the norm today. No one wants to look at the facts, and would rather just use faith. My mom used to say (she is no longer with us) that she was an optimist. Nothing could change her attitude. She believed the future would be better than the past. I think most Americans are like her.

Me personally, I tend to analyze the facts and make my projections of the future. And the facts are downright ugly today. In fact, in my opinion, I think America is done. All we have left is a countdown for the economy to breakdown and then we start over. And I do not think the next society we build will look anything like today.

Simply put, there is not enough cheap energy for us to continue our growth focused economic system. We are going to be forced to create something much simplier and more efficient. This new system will not be based on growth. And will arise out of necessity as our current system implodes.

I think a time is quickly approaching (my guess is before 2015), where the country begins to breakup. Texas will likely lead the way, and be the first state to secede. Then several more in the West will follow. The federal govt will be broke soon, and unable to borrow any more money. You can imagine the repercussions.

So people, we are in a countdown to a new way of life. Enjoy our affluence and prosperity while is lasts, because it will not last much longer. Who knows, we may only have a few more months before the worm turns. But I don't think it will be long now.

In the meantime, insure your finances by buying gold and silver. You wouldn't think of not having home owners or health insurance. But yet you don't think you need financial insurance. You do. And it's called gold. If you buy it and it goes down and stays down, be happy. That means the global economy did not implode, and you probably still have a job.

Only one thing can make gold go down in value and that is economic growth. However, anyone who thinks the business cycle is overdue to roar back to life is not doing the right analysis. Never before in history have we experienced both a global debt crisis and a global energy crisis. Both of which are getting worse. Why else do you think central banks are printing money like banshees and gold is approaching $2,000?

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