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Week in Review

Silver bounced off it's lows and got back over the $15.50 support line. Gold, however, didn't make it back to the $1180 support line. This prevented the miners from rallying. Subsequently the HUI had a dreadful week. It's under the 2008 support line of 145 and in danger territory. Let's hope that when Jupiter goes into Leo on July 15th (a good placement for gold) that gold gets a bounce and we get back over 150 on the HUI.

It was the dollar that hurt gold and oil this week. Gold fared better than oil, but not buy much, if you consider the HUI pummeling. The dollar index traded above 97 this week, thankfully it didn't hold. I'm hoping to see sub 95 next week.

Goldsilverdata is up 570 stocks and will have 580 by Sunday, when I finish adding all of the London and Sydney based gold/silver miners. It is now a global website.

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